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Employment Law ( information for employees )

EMPLOYMENT LAW - For Employees in Kenilworth Warwickshire

Employment Disputes

When you have a problem at work it is usually better to contact us for legal advice first, before the matter escalates, perhaps to dismissal.  In these circumstances we operate a fixed fee interview so that you can find out early on what your rights are.  Our experience tells us that it is easier to keep a job than to get it back after you’ve been sacked - so don’t delay and phone us now or use the contact form.

If you’ve been dismissed we will advise you if you have a case worth pursuing before an Employment Tribunal or County Court.  We can then prepare your case and using our experience represent you at the Tribunal or Court hearing.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements ( formerly known as Compromise Agreements ) are an established means of setting out the terms upon which you and your employer have agreed your job will come to an end.  This is signed after negotiation has taken place about the date of termination and the amount of money to be paid by your employer (the termination payment).  We can negotiate for you if you wish.  The effect of a properly worded Settlement Agreement is that once it is signed you cannot then make a claim against your employer - the Agreement is in full and final settlement of your possible claims.  With our advice you can decide whether or not to sign the Agreement.  If you do, the employer usually pays our fees and you receive the termination payment in full.

If your employer has offered a Settlement Agreement contact Matthew Shiels by phone or on the contact form, and we will call or e-mail you back.